Start 2023 with a holiday in the sun, shopping or skiing: plane tickets from 8 euros/segment!

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We are a few days away from the end of 2022, and 2023 is already knocking on the door with new travel plans. If you want to visit new destinations, enjoy winter sports, travel to warmer areas or enjoy memorable weekends in major European metropolises and around the world, now you can take advantage of the very low prices on plane tickets for trips scheduled in January 2023.

Holidays January 2023

Rates from 8 euros/segment

To the delight of travel and vacation lovers, 2023 starts with plane tickets from 8 euros + taxes, prices that can be searched and checked on Glancing over the offer, I can't help but notice the very good rates for Dubai, Vienna (from 8 euros/segment), Venice (from 11 euros/segment), Milano (from 11 euros/segment), Paphos (from 13 euros/segment), Oslo, Billund, Alicante or Tel Aviv. There are some destinations worth exploring even in the cold season.


Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan and beautiful holiday destinations worth visiting in January. Temperatures are acceptable for this time of year, with maximum temperatures not exceeding 25 degrees. Stylish malls, breathtaking amusement parks and sparkling beaches await you to visit in January. Dubai is one of the most interesting and warm destinations to visit in the winter season. Rates from 69 euros/segment + taxes!


Amsterdam is a city break destination that can be visited anytime, throughout the year, even more so in January. Although the temperatures can be challenging, the city is equally cosmopolitan and attractive. Bustling with action, with a large number of museums, vintage shops, attractive building structures and super-hyper places to eat, Amsterdam is a respite from the usual styles and routines. When someone talks about "a city of hidden treasures", Amsterdam is the destination that fits that "city" perfectly. Have you booked your tickets? Rates from 39 euros/segment + taxes.

Bucharest – Amsterdam


For many of you, Slovenia is not the first choice when it comes to winter sports getaways. It's not a sunny destination and you can't see the Northern Lights, but you can explore another side of a country that is traditionally only discovered in the summer.

In January, Slovenia's national parks become a paradise for skiers. The strong point for practicing winter sports is Kranjska Gora. And Krvavec is the second largest ski resort in Slovenia, located just 25 minutes from the capital Ljubljana. Warm up after a busy day on the slopes with an evening at the spa. Rates from 99 euros/segment + taxes!

Bucharest - Ljubljana


Milan is not an option for sun or snow lovers, but shopaholics will definitely appreciate this destination, especially when plane tickets are so cheap in January 2023. After the holidays, the big stores come with attractive promotions for clearance sales stock, a favorable moment to be able to purchase various long-dreamed-of clothing items. At the same time, in January, the big festivals dedicated to La Scala begin, the fashion days and many others begin.

Bucharest - Milan

New York

For those looking to explore further afield, New York City can be an ideal option during the winter season. In beautiful NYC, there is one of the largest ice rinks in the world. The Rockefeller Center Ice Rink is considered to be the most beautiful outdoor ice rink. You find it in New York, a place where you'll find New Yorkers and tourists skating under the watchful eyes of Prometheus. And in moments of relaxation, enjoy discovering the places visited by Kevin McCallister, from "Home Alone 2". Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway, Central Park – just a few of the sights that you should not miss during a visit to New York. Rates from 198 euros/segment + taxes!

Bucharest – New York

January is a very good month for travel, being able to take advantage of cheap plane tickets. The effervescence of the holidays is over, the airports are emptying, and the big metropolises are returning to everyday life.

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