Static display BIAS 2016: F-18, F-15, Su-25, Su-27

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The eighth edition of the most impressive aviation show in Romania - Bucharest International Air Show & General Aviation Exhibition - BIAS NOTHING - will take place on July 30 2016. Bucharest Băneasa – Aurel Vlaicu International Airport will be the host of the event. The Bucharest Airports National Company, the Romanian Air Force, the Romanian Air Club, ROMAERO, the AIBO Sports Club and ROMATSA have joined forces to organize this event, in force.

Static display BIAS2016


BIAS NOTHING will be a show of air force and mathematical accuracy. The military and civil aviation actors from Romania, but also from Spain, Ukraine, Czech Republic, USA, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Lithuania will delight the spectators with amazing aerial acrobatics and elite demonstrations.

It will also be an exceptional static display. You will be able to statically admire the following aircraft:

Bulgarian Air Force - Suhoi Su-25
Spanish Air Force - F-18 "Hornet"
Greek Air Force - Mirage NEVER
NATO Airborne Early Warning - E-3A Sentry
Ukrainian Air Force - Suhoi Su-27 ”Flanker”
USAF - F-15 Eagle, Hercules C-130 Alabama National Guard
Romanian Air Force - C-27J Spartan, C-130 Hercules, IAR-330 Puma, MiG-21 Lancer, IAR-99 Soim

Entrance will be free. The BIAS 2016 program will start at 09: 00 with the evolution of ZLIN 142 / 256 / Extra 300 aircraft from the Aercolub of Romania.

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