Metropolitan line STB 442 will have a station at Henri Coandă Airport!

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From December 2, 2023, the public transport service to Henri Coandă Airport will be intensified and via routing the route metropolitan line 442 towards the airport terminals, both ways.

Pis the way to go to "Piața Pressei", the buses of line 442 will run on the following route: "Therme București" terminal, Therme București alley, DN1, Hornbach access alley, DN1, Otopeni, DN1, Bd. Aeroportului, alei Aeroport Henri Coandă, alei Aeroport Henri Coandă, Bd. Aeroportului, DN1, Road. Bucharest-Ploiesti, Bd. Mărăști, terminal "Piața Presei".

In the direction of walking towards "Therme Bucharest", line 442 buses will run on the following route: "Piața Presei" terminal, Bd. Mărăști, Șos. Bucharest-Ploiești, DN1, Otopeni, DN1, Henri Coandă Airport alleys, Departures Terminal - "Henri Coandă Airport Departures" station, Henri Coandă Airport alleys, Aeroportului Bd., DN1, Balotești, DN1, Therme Bucharest alleys, "Therme Bucharest" terminal .

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