STB announced the suspension of express line 780, which connects Basarab Station and Henri Coandă - Otopeni Airport, from August 1.

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As of August 1, bus traffic on express line 780 will be suspended. We remind you that the express line 780 connects Basarab Railway Station - North Railway Station - Henri Coandă Airport, Bucharest. As a result, the train remains the only frequent means of transport between Gara de Nord and Henri Coandă International Airport.

„The connection between the North Railway Station and the“ Henri Coandă ”Otopeni International Airport is also ensured on the railway, at a frequency of 40 minutes, with non-stop schedule and a journey time of 20-25 minutes. TPBI states that if the train traffic between Gara de Nord and "Henri Coandă" International Airport is interrupted, it will order the temporary resumption of bus line 780 " it is specified in the press release of the Intercommunity Development Association for Public Transport Bucharest - Ilfov.

Buses on line 303 will also be suspended. This is due to the integration of the STB transport system with Metrorex. From August 1, there will be no difference between the fare for regional lines and that of urban lines, passengers can use a single ticket to travel with several buses and even the subway. Instead of line 303 (Pecinişca - Alexandria Depot), lines 426, 427, 428 and 464 may be used.

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