The strike in the Netherlands, the transport sector, affects flights from Amsterdam

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TAROM informs passengers, who will travel to / from Amsterdam, between 28.05.2019 - 29.05.2019, that the flight schedule may be affected by the strike in the Netherlands.

Between May 28 and May 29, 2019, the transport sector in the Netherlands will be affected by the strike. Including security personnel at Schiphol Airport will be on strike.

From the information available in the international press, we find that the links between Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport will be affected by the strike. Buses and trains will operate to the minimum limit imposed by a court. Passengers are required to take the time margin to reach the airport. Also, check the status of the flights.

Strike from the Netherlands, the transport sector

Thus, like other airlines, and TAROM could be affected in the sense of canceling / delaying flights arriving or departing from Amsterdam.

TAROM mentions that there is the possibility of free flight rescheduling for a 30.05.2019-02.06.2019 trip. In this situation, passengers are asked to contact TAROM Company or the travel agency from which the tickets were purchased.

If the trip does not carry a delay, it is recommended that TAROM passengers check in advance the information on the status of the flights on the websites of the departure and destination airports, check in online and arrive at the airport in a timely manner. . Printing of boarding cards is also required.

Passengers will want to travel without hold baggage.

It should be borne in mind that carrying out formalities at the airport may take longer than in normal situations, and passengers will travel without hold baggage.

The staff of TAROM Company is mobilized to provide assistance at all times and to minimize the impact that this situation could have on the travel plan of the affected passengers.

For any additional details, please contact the TAROM Call Center (at 0219361 or by email at [email protected]) or the agency through which the travel reservation was made.

Although this situation is not generated by the national air carrier, TAROM apologizes to all potentially affected passengers.

AD!!! If you have late or canceled flights, you can apply for financial compensation up to 600 €.

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