Striptease aboard a Southwest Airlines plane (Video)

On a Southwest Airlines flight on the Dallas-Las Vegas route, a flight attendant presented the safety instructions in a separate manner. Simulated a striptease!

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If you have flown at least once with a plane, you have certainly noticed the cabin crew as they presented the safety instructions. At first we are all careful, but the interest decreases as we fly more and more and it is not good.

In order to stimulate the attention of passengers, some flight attendants choose unconventional methods to present these safety instructions. This happened on a Southwest Airlines flight, which was operated on the Dallas-Las Vegas route.

Striptease aboard a plane

The steward drew attention by simulating a striptease, using and cataloging the seat belt, oxygen mask and life jacket as sexy accessories. Great artist! Watch the video!

Did I draw your attention through this song title? It means that we have reached our goal and followed the video with the safety instructions.

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