File prayers online at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

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March and April were hundreds of thousands of tourists in Jerusalem. The Holy City is a pilgrimage site for Jewish, Catholic and Orthodox believers around the most important holiday for billions of people around the world.

Despite the current context, which does not favor travel at the moment, the Ministry of Tourism of Israel does everything in its power to stay close to its tourists.

An example in this direction is the municipality of Jerusalem, which, in collaboration with an Israeli start-up, has launched an online platform with which we can further capture the spirit and atmosphere of the Holy City.

Jerusalem - the first destinationwhat comes to meet the tourists with a dedicated online platform

Through the platform "Jerusalem is traveling 2 U”, Tourists can still fulfill their wish even during the restrictions imposed by Covid-19. This platform integrates a wide range of experiences, thus addressing the diverse needs of those interested in Jerusalem, a city that, although divided between three major religions, remains an oasis of harmony and an example of tolerance.

Regardless of your preferences, age, religion or travel habits, the platform "Jerusalem is traveling 2 U"Has something to offer everyone. From virtual tours of the city to virtual tours of museums and other iconic attractions in the area, from online shopping opportunities to religious services and live prayer sessions, culture lessons, history, gastronomy, art or religion.

Highly requested are the online services that involve submitting a message to the Wailing Wall (available here) and access to the Wailing Wall through cameras that broadcast 24/7 directly from the Wailing Wall (available here).

In this way, in a difficult time for everyone, the municipality of Jerusalem literally makes its way to the homes of believers everywhere who have planned holidays of special spiritual importance.

The content presented on the site is constantly updated, new attractions and tours are always added, the platform remaining functional even after everything is back to normal.

Precooking for “The Day of După”- Compliance with strict hygiene rules, priority throughout the country

Jerusalem is no stranger to global crises and disasters, each time managing to turn crises into opportunities, to adapt quickly to new conditions. This time, however, we are talking about an extended situation worldwide that launches standards other than those that were known to us until now.

“We are thoroughly preparing for the Day After, for the period when things will return to normal, for the moment when we will be able to meet with our friends from all over the world. Hygiene rules and respect for personal space are becoming a priority in Israel, at a much more advanced level than we have been known to date, "said Ksenia Kobyakov, Director for the development of new markets, within the Ministry of Tourism of Israel.

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