Suceava - Bucharest with Cobrex Trans?

The last few days I saw an interesting news, but it showed me many question marks: "Two new destinations from Suceava Airport: Flutur announces Suceava-Madrid and Suceava-Verona flights and domestic flights to Bucharest with Cobrex Trans".

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The past days, has published an article about the new routes announced by the President of Suceava County Council, Gheorghe Flutur, which will be operating from March 2018.

Cobrex Trans la Suceava

"I am glad to be able to bring very good news about Suceava Airport, right now at the beginning of the year. As I said, we are in talks for the introduction of new flights from Suceava Airport.

Many requests came over time from those in the diaspora who asked us to fly to Spain. I can say that this will happen this spring. It's a new premiere for the airport in Suceava, ”Flutur said.

“It's about Suceava-Madrid (Spain) and Suceava - Verona (Italy), each with two frequencies per week. The company will operate a Boeing 737 -300 aircraft with 148 seats. On the operating days an internal race with Bucharest will be carried out ”, Flutur said.

Sounds good, but how realistic is it? We no longer believe in political statements. We remind you of a similar case that occurred in Arad, when local authorities announced with great shock the new airline Join Airlines and flights to Verona, Stuttgart, Vienna and Bucharest.

Suceava - Bucharest with Cobrex Trans

We see the same pattern in Suceava, mentioning that the carrier from Brasov Cobrex Trans there are, but they operate charter flights. It is hard for us to believe that he will be able to operate flights from Suceava according to those declared by Mr. Gheorghe Flutur.

Why go to companies without history on regular flights, to the detriment of those who are well on the market and with real potential to open these routes? Suceava Airport is in the shadow of Iasi International Airport. Efforts are being made to attract new carriers and to announce new routes, but more credible would have been if these routes were announced with Blue Air, Wizz Air or Ryanair.

We hope to see the flights operated without problems and to be contradicted by the reality. We are happy to see a new air carrier on the Romanian market and we wish them beautiful flights as long as possible, but so we enjoyed the FlyRomania case, which was a big boon. We reserve the right to be reserved in political statements.

We are waiting to see how things will evolve, when you can buy air tickets and at what prices. If they want to open in the spring of this year, we should see the air tickets for sale as soon as possible. We want to be contradicted by reality!

As for the Cobrex Trans carrier, the information provided by it is as follows:

Cobrex Trans, a Romanian operator established in 1994, has a long tradition in the Romanian aviation industry and our main priorities are flight safety and comfort for all our passengers.

Currently, our fleet consists of a Boeing 737-300, registered YR-CBK, which operates commercial flights, as well as an helicopter AS 365N1, YR-CBB, based on the heliport in Brasov County.

From the outset, we are committed to providing the best aviation services in accordance with strict European standards.

Therefore, we are authorized by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority to carry out passenger and freight operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

What do you think?

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