Suceava - Vienna with Wizz Air, from July 3, 2020 (flight schedule)

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AUSTRIA - A new country on the map of the destinations from "Stefan cel Mare - Suceava" Airport! Following the joint efforts of the last two years of the Suceava County Council together with the "Stefan cel Mare" Airport and the partners in Austria, the WIZZ AIR airline will open the direct flight Suceava - Vienna from July 3, 2020.

There will be 2 flights a week, on Mondays and Fridays. Airbus 321 aircraft will land from Vienna at 21:20 and take off at 21:55.

The discussions held last summer in Graz by the Suceava County Council delegation, led by President Gheorghe Flutur, have since prefigured the opportunity for a direct flight from Suceava to Austria.

Suceava - Vienna with Wizz Air

W6 2951 Suceava 21:55 - 22:30 Vienna
W6 2950 Vienna 18:50 - 21:20 Suceava

Representing a hub for international air traffic and providing an excellent connection for the whole of Austria, Vienna was included by WIZZ AIR on the map of the destinations to be served from Suceava, thus offering a new travel opportunity both from a tourist point of view and and business, but especially for those who work in this country.

The success of opening this new destination is also due to the fact that the operating program of Suceava Airport was extended to H24, allowing unrestricted operation.

The beneficial collaboration between "Stefan cel Mare - Suceava" Airport and WIZZ AIR is primarily favorable to the approximately 900.000 passengers who have chosen the flight facilities offered by the airline since its start in Suceava, since August 2016.

Proof of this collaboration is the ever-increasing number of passengers who choose Suceava Airport, supplementing the number of existing flights from the schedule, as well as the new destination announced now.

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