ADATA HD710 - external passenger hard drive

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In my daily activity, technology plays a very important role. No matter where I work, it is very important to have the necessary gadgets to carry out my work without compromise.

My office is mobile and I can pack it in a backpack. Thus, I can work from anywhere in my travels. As I told you, there are no gadgets in my backpack: laptop, smartphone, external battery, external hard disk. In addition, I also add a few necessary accessories, such as a universal socket adapter.


From the above, today I will tell you about ADATA HD710 - external hard drive traveler. Traveler activity involves a lot of multimedia content. My intention is to photograph and film every object / building around me, every action I take part in, every sight I admire with my mouth shut from the different destinations I reach. I store hundreds of photos and many minutes filmed.


I can't keep them all in the phone or laptop memory, so I chose the hard drive ADATA HD710. It has a capacity of 1 TB, its size is 2.5 inches and weighs just over 200 grams. But its most important aspect is the resistance to shocks and extreme working conditions. The hard disk is tightly sealed in a special, rubber-coated casing, which is used to cushion shocks.

External hard drive traveler

According to the manufacturer ADATA, this model has passed the tests: IEC 529 IPX7 (water resistant by 1 meter, up to 30 minutes) and MIL-STD-810G - 516.6 (shock and fall resistance up to 122 cm).


I will not try the hard disk according to the military tests, but I can breathe easily when the rain is catching me, when the temperatures are hot or when, by accident, the hard disk falls off the table. Given that I like to fly, the backpack goes through the security filters, is stored through the dedicated compartments of the plane, and the hard disk can feel all these actions and vibrations, temperature fluctuations, etc.

I always carry it with me because I store a lot of multimedia content, from trips or from planning activity and I may need this information. When I fly by plane, I like to write articles and news. I also use it as a backup option.

The 3.0 USB interface facilitates fast data transfer between the hard disk and the laptop. I didn't do speed tests because they can be subjective. The write and transfer speeds can be influenced by the size and type of the copied file, the working speed of the laptop, the compatibility of USB ports, etc.


I still can't say anything about reliability because I've been using it for a few weeks, but I'll be back with constant updates. The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty. I hope that in 3 years I will come and tell you that this ADATA HD710 works flawlessly, and the stored data is safe.

For the price, I think that ADATA HD710 enjoys a very good cost / performance ratio. The 1 TB and blue model, as I have it, is priced of 340 law. But there are also 500GB or 2TB models.

What else to add? From my point of view, I have no more to add. I have no objections, they are not minuscule, and the points I scored above. Do you have any issues? ADATA HD710 can be a performance drive hard drive!

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