Massive layoffs are announced in US airlines

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According to estimates by pilots 'and flight attendants' organizations, as well as aviation unions, around 75 people could be laid off from airlines as of 000 October 1.

The term is not chosen at random. Starting with this date, the airlines will be able to adjust their staffing needs, being the date on which the state aid provided by the CARES law also expires.

About 75 people will lose their jobs

US airlines have already warned that they will lay off about 10% of the workforce, the equivalent of 70 to 000 employees. Everything comes amid the COVID-75 pandemic, travel restrictions, blocked flights and declining demand.

Estimates for 2020 show a decrease of about 70% in passenger traffic compared to 2019, and experts note that the situation will return to pre-pandemic values ​​only in 2024.

Airlines and unions are working to extend the employee support program, but lawmakers and the White House have not yet reached an agreement.

The top 4 US airlines are skeptical about relaunching the industry in the near future. Although some restrictions were lifted, the demand to travel remained low. So far, they have avoided firing people by taking other measures to reduce costs. They reduced activity on domestic routes, eliminated directors' salaries and froze non-essential employment. But in the future, they will have to adjust their fleets and staffing even more.

As proof, more than 17 Delta employees have accepted early retirement or unpaid leave. United Airlines and American Airlines mentioned, in their turn, that they will have to give up some of the employees, namely 000 and 36.000 employees, respectively.

Aviation organizations are requesting additional funding to support employees

Among the 70-75 people who will be affected by these redundancies, there are many pilots and flight attendants. Aviation unions and organizations are asking Congress for an additional $ 000 billion in state aid and blocking involuntary layoffs by March 32.

Unfortunately, many seafarers in the United States have had to work in parallel in order to cover their current expenses. Some have enrolled at UBER or other service and courier companies.

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