Strikes are announced among RYANAIR cabin crews in Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal!

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The cabin crew of Ryanair in Belgium will go on strike for three days at the end of next week, on Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June, CNE and ACV Puls unions announced on Friday.

Ryanair cabin crew in Belgium go on strike

The Irish low-cost airline sent a final written proposal to the Belgian unions on Friday. However, Didier Lebbe, the CNE union, said that the proposal still did not meet the requirements of the workers, especially with regard to the Belgian labor law, which guarantees a minimum wage for all.

The RYANAIR cabin crew in Belgium have therefore decided to go on a new three-day strike at the end of next week, similar to the move in April which led to the cancellation of more than 300 flights at the two Belgian airports served by Ryanair: Airport Brussels and Charleroi.

The RYANAIR strike will begin the day after the start given by the Brussels Airlines pilots and flight attendants' unions.

RYANAIR strike in Spain, Portugal and Italy

Ryanair's Spanish and Portuguese flight attendants will go on strike for six days during the same period, until the beginning of July. In Italy, the strike will be on June 25. RYANAIR's flight attendants in France will soon decide whether to join their colleagues in the above-mentioned countries.

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