Flights to Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Russia and to all countries that are not on the INSP Romania green list are suspended.

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Tonight the NOTAM from ROMATSA was updated. It blocks all flights to and from destinations in countries that are not on the green list INSP Romania.

According to this NOTAM, flights to Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Russia and all other countries that are not exempted from quarantine / isolation will be suspended.

Until the present it was possible to fly to Portugal and Sweden, even if they were not on the green list. We are curious if the flights will continue to be operated, although NOTAM says otherwise.

The first flights were scheduled today Bucharest - Istanbul with Turkish Airlines and FlyPegasus. Most likely they will be canceled. Turkey remained on the European Union's red list. As for the flights between Russia and Romania, they have been suspended since the pandemic started and we do not think they will be resumed too soon.

We remind you that INSP Romania made the last update of the green list on July 6, 2020. Below is a list of countries exempted from isolation / caranatinization. Flights to the countries on the green list remain valid unless these countries block flights to Romania. And here we have the example of Austria, which suspended all flights to and from Romania until July 31.


NOTAM suspended flights

Exceptions to this rule are repatriation, government, medical, cargo flights, technical and maintenance flights, non-commercial flights.

The NOTAM was updated in accordance with the decisions taken by the Romanian authorities and is valid from 16 July to 15 August 2020.

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