Emotion take off for a Boeing 737-800 RYANAIR (Video)

In mid-September 2018, the ALI storm hit the British Isles. Strong winds, which also recorded 160 km / h, resulted in the cancellation or delay of several flights. The planes encountered difficulty in taking off or landing.

On 19 September 2018, while the ALI storm hit the British Isles, an aircraft Boeing 737-800 RYANAIR had a take-off with the incident. The plane took off from Birmingham to operate the FR1448 flight, heading for Lanzarote.

The images were filmed by "flugsnug". The aircraft started running on the runway for take-off. Everything was normal until near the point of detachment. At that time, the plane started to swing left and right and was very close to a tailstrike. It was a take-off in the crosswind.

Crosswind takeoff for a Boeing 737-800 RYANAIR

In situations of strong wind, when taking off you can see the runway on the window of the plane, but nothing is left to chance. The pilots are trained for such take-offs, as they are very well prepared landings in crosswind.

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