(Video) TAP Portugal at 70 for years and the new safety video

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On 14 March 2015, TAP Portugal has celebrated 70 since its inception. TAP Portugal is the national airline of Portugal. It was founded on 14 March in 1945 as Transportes Aéreos Portugueses, SGPS, SA, also known as TAP. TAP Portugal is 100% state owned and headquartered at Lisbon Portela Airport.

To celebrate 70 years of activity, TAP Portugal has also made a new safety video, a video material with safety instructions on board the aircraft presented in a unique way. It also emphasizes the slogan "with arms wide open".

In order to achieve this safety video, TAP has chosen 10 people between the ages of 7 and 70 who have never flown by plane until this material was made. I'll let you discover it!

Happy Birthday, TAP Portugal!

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