Offers TAP Portugal air tickets in December

TAP Portugal is preparing new "flash deal" offers in December

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December is recognized as the month of gifts, promotions and offers of all kinds. Santa will come early through TAP Portugal and bring discounts over 50% at the offers of the "flash deal" type, which can be purchased in 72 hours.

Stay tuned because during the period 1-24 December, every 3 days will bring great prices to TAP flights departing from Bucharest to Lisbon, Madeira, Morocco, USA (New Yorsk and Miami), Brazil (Fortaleza, Natal, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo), Spain (Sevilla, Bilbao).

Below is the promotional program prepared by TAP for December:

destinations Price with all taxes included Period of sale Travel period
Casablanca & Marrackech 359 EURO TUESDAY - TUESDAY DEC

15.01 - 15.06 2013

Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paolo 629 EURO TUESDAY - TUESDAY DEC
Fortress & Natal 629 EURO TUESDAY - TUESDAY DEC
Seville & Bilbao 283 EURO TUESDAY - TUESDAY DEC
All destinations above Same rates as above TUESDAY - TUESDAY DEC

As you can see, the start is given by the offers towards Morocco - Casablanca and Marrakech - 359 euros, with all taxes included. Tickets can be purchased during the 1-3 December period, and trips can be made anytime between 15 January - 15 June 2013.

There are also some flexible conditions:
Minimum stay: weekend or 3 days for Lisbon, Madeira, Bilbao, Sevilla (destinations in Portugal and Spain);
Minimum stay: weekend or 6 days for other destinations;
Maximum stay: 1 month.

You can also spend more than 24 hours between flights in Lisbon for an amount of 50 EUR. It is interesting that the offer allows “Open jaw” - Arrival in one city and departure from another, within the same countries. Example: You can fly to Casablanca and return from Marrakech.

I keep an eye out for a weekend in Lisbon, maybe a vacation in Rio, I wouldn't rule out Miami! Keep an eye on Airlines Travel and don't miss the TAP promotions!

  1. Alex says

    To understand: During the period 22-24 December can I buy the ticket Bucharest-Sao Paulo / Sao Paulo - Bucharest with 629 euros? Do I choose the date or depending on the places available?

  2. Sorin says

    The prices depend on the date chosen and the places available. The trips can be made during the period 15 January - 15 June :). Try 22 to search and see what you find. You let me know by email and see how we get on, what do you say? :)

  3. Alex says

    added to calendar 🙂

  4. Sorin says

    Perfect! :) Notify me on 22 if you managed to buy :)

  5. [...] with the highest growth. And if we are still in Brazil, TAP has a very good offer to Fortaleza & Natal at only 629 EUR round trip and with all taxes […]

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