TAP Portugal will fly to Manaus and Belem, from 3 June to 2014

TAP Portugal will fly to Manaus and Belem from 3 June 2014

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From 3 June 2014, TAP Portugal will start operating flights to Manaus and Belem, both cities being located in the north of Brazil. By adding these new destinations to the operational network, TAP Portugal will reach 12 destinations in Brazil and strengthen its leadership position in this key South American market.


Ruta Lisbon - Manaus - Belem - Lisbon will be honored with 3 weekly flights, on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, according to the following schedule:

TP035 flight: LIS 09: 35 - 13: 45 MAO 14: 45 - 17: 45 BEL 19: 15 - 06: 45 + 1 LIS - Airbus A330-200 - Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays

Currently, there are no direct flights between Europe and the two cities. By launching these flights to Manaus and Belem, TAP Portugal will give passengers faster access to Northern Brazil, a region with great tourist potential.

Manaus it has a population of 2,3 million inhabitants and is the capital of the federal state of Amazonas. The entire metropolitan area has a population of 3,6 million inhabitants. The city is located on the banks of the Rio Negro River, 11 km away from its point of discharge on the Amazon. Manaus is a tourist center and gateway to the jungle in the Amazon basin.

Manaus will host 4 matches in the 2014 World Football Championship. The Amazon Arena is built in 80% proportions and will have 42,374 seating capacity.

Belem is the capital of Para State, with a metropolitan area where 7,8 million people live, of which 2,25 millions in the city. Belem is an important eco-tourism destination and gateway to Amazon.

The grass for the Manaus stadium is planted in Belem. The grass species used is "Bermuda". This is recommended by FIFA for resistance and adaptation to climate change in the Amazon area.

Currently, TAP Portugal operates 74 weekly flights to 10 destinations in Brazil: Fortaleza; Natal; Recife; Salvador; Brasilia; Belo Horizonte; Rio de Janeiro; Sao Paulo; Campinas and Porto Alegre.

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