Countries and regions that have escaped COVID-19. See where there are 0 (zero) active cases.

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The new coronavirus pandemic broke out in March, two months after the pandemic was declared in China. At a rapid pace, the new virus has spread throughout the world, even to the most isolated and remote islands.

So far, they have been reported 7,161,044 of cases. Of these 3,499,246 of people were healed, and 407,915 they lost the battle with COVID-19. There are more 3,253,883 of active cases, of which 53,789 are critical, the rest of 3,200,094 being light and medium cases.

To slow the spread of the new coronavirus, most countries have taken drastic measures. They have closed borders, suspended millions of flights, blocked billions of people in their homes. All with the risk of throwing the planet into an acute economic, social and even health crisis. More and more voices say that the number of those who have been deprived of the health service is much higher than that of people affected by COVID-19. But let's not get into conspiracies.

As a result of these drastic measures, 24 countries and regions reported that they got rid of COVID-19. Currently, they have 0 (zero) active cases.

Countries and regions that have escaped COVID-19

New casesTotal
We diedTotal
Active casesCritical CasesCases/
1M pop
deaths /
1M pop
1M pop
The population
1Noua Marine Anda1,504221,48203014294,84858,9455,002,100
2Isle of Man3362431203,9532825,28262,13885,005
4Insulele Féroé18718703,82810,298210,80048,852
5Trinidad Tobago117810908463,4092,4361,399,209
7French Polynesia606002144,26215,178280,806
10East Timor24240181,5681,1911,316,689
12Saint Kitts and Nevis151502824087,67353,175
13Falkland Islands (Falkland Islands)131303,744535154,0903,472
15Turks and Caicos Islands121110310261924,96438,682
19British Virgin Islands8170265331675,52730,218
20Papua New Guinea8800.94,6465208,935,183
21Caribbean Netherlands77026742416,17926,207
22St Barth66060815215,3929,875
24Saint Pierre Miquelon1101735,796

Among the countries with zero active cases we find New Zealand, Montenegro, Seychelles, Fiji. It is true that the countries and regions mentioned above do not have a large population, but some of them are in the top tourist destinations. But the measures taken led to the phase in which they were able to report zero active cases with the new coronavirus.

Romania, a country with a population of 19,244,947 people, has a total 20,604 cases reported so far. Of these cases, 14,826 of people were healed, and 1,339 people have lost the battle with the new coronavirus. Approximately 4400 cases are still active in Romania, of which 146 are serious and are hospitalized in intensive care.

And our rulers are signaling that the alert will be extended. It remains to be seen and under what conditions!

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