TAROM, 26 of weekly flights Bucharest - Timisoara / Rates from 19 € / segment

TAROM, 26 of weekly flights Bucharest - Timisoara / Rates from 19 € / segment

Following the scandal between Dan Negru and TAROM, the National Company comes with details. The rates for the period 1-2 December 2018 start from 79 € / person / round trip. For 2 adults and 2 children, as simulated by Dan Negru, the price is 317 €. Now it also depends on the flights.

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TAROM operates 26 weekly flights on the Bucharest - Timisoara route. Rates start at € 19 / segment if you buy them early.

But pay close attention and the period for which you want to buy your plane tickets. Dan Negru, the TV presenter, was upset when he saw the prices of the tickets for 1-2 December 2018.

26 of weekly flights Bucharest - Timisoara

Following the simulation, 2 adults + 2 children, resulted in a cost of 463 € / return. The price is valid for the morning flight - 1 December, with return on the evening flight - 2 December. In conclusion, it would be 115 € / person.

TAROM came with an indication and announced the fare of 317 € / 4 persons / return, but the price is valid for the evening flight - 1 December and return evening - 2 December.

The fares for air tickets vary according to the supply and demand

Well, we come up with another explanation. The price of air tickets evolves according to demand and supply. During the period 1-2 December, the demand is high, so many have bought their tickets maybe December 2017 or January 2018. Obviously, the prices also increased depending on the degree of loading of the aircraft.

The air tickets, from the periods Easter, Christmas, New Year, the minivanship of 1 May, the minivanship of 1-2 December, are highly sought after by those who wish to travel in the country or abroad. So low chances for cheap promotions or air tickets if you don't book them a long time in advance.


And in a simple search, I found the ticket at 40 € / 1 person / return for the period 1-2 December 2018. At 4 the requested tickets, it is possible to pass to another tariff ceiling.

Clear sky and smooth flight!

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