TAROM, a company you can rely on (survey)

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I have a good opinion about TAROM air carrier and I support it in its activity. He is an important player for the Romanian market and should not give up. I am glad to see that there are still people of the same opinion as me. A survey by GFK Romania shows that TAROM is a company you can rely on.

During April-July, 2013 TAROM and GfK Romania conducted a market research study to identify the profile of TAROM passengers and the degree of passenger satisfaction with the product offered. The opinion poll was applied on a sample of 11.597 persons being carried on board TAROM aircraft, out of which 2,623 were passengers of domestic flights and 8,974 were passengers on foreign flights. The margin of error of the survey results is about 1%.

The survey revealed that TAROM is a company in which passengers trust, 94% of respondents saying that TAROM will remain the first travel choice. 96% of respondents stated that they recommend knowledge to fly with TAROM.

To the question "Why did they choose TAROM?" The survey respondents answered that their choice was TAROM due to its reputation as a safe and punctual operator, due to the flight program adapted to the needs of passengers, good connections between destinations but also favorable prices.

“In a strong and very dynamic competitive environment it is necessary to observe in real time what are the obstacles that change the direction of the proposed objectives and especially what are the customer's dissatisfaction, so that the smallest problem can be solved in the shortest time. In this regard, we conducted a study on the level of passenger satisfaction with the services provided by TAROM. I am very pleased that the results of the study have been positive and that 94% of TAROM's passengers have great confidence in our services and wish, in this way, to send assurances to our clients that TAROM will have an upward course by continuing the process of improving services ”,

said Christian Heinzmann, Executive Director - Accountable Manager.

By researching the market, I want to tell you that TAROM has very good prices compared to competing carriers. He is a full-service operator and is on a par with Air France, KLM, British Airways etc. It may no longer offer catering services like in the good old days, but for me it is more about the safety of the flight and less about what is served on the plane. And in terms of safety, TAROM is fine. I had the opportunity to go twice (click) behind the scenes of TAROM (click) and I saw how the aircraft are maintained, I found interesting information about the technical inspections, etc.

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