TAROM has launched the self-billing service

Starting Monday, March 12 2018, TAROM launched the Self-Billing service. It is available to individuals or legal entities who purchase tickets from the company's website.

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TAROM customers have repeatedly noticed that issuing an invoice, through the old procedures practiced by the company, could take up to 90 days. By implementing the Self-Invoicing service, available online for all customers, the invoice is issued instantly, without waiting time.

TAROM Self-Invoicing Service

The recovery strategy of the Romanian National Air Transport Company TAROM SA involves the refurbishment and computerization of the customer relationship system.

Self-invoicing is just one example that complements a set of IT&C solutions, with the ultimate goal of developing a friendly relationship with our customers. An open and correct attitude of the company will materialize in the consolidation of the financial and trust capital of TAROM.

For reservations and ticket purchases, go to www.tarom.ro, having access to the booking interface right from the first page. The invoice is sent automatically by e-mail, after completing the data needed to purchase the tickets.

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