TAROM reduced its losses in 2013

TAROM reduced its losses in 2013

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TAROM announces that it is on the wave and has managed to reduce the loss, but also on the loss ended the year 2013. I am waiting for the day when the first annual profit will be announced. Until then, TAROM needs a lot of fighting power in a dynamic and ever-changing market, increasingly crowded. I begin to no longer trust these figures, and that is because the State's roads are confused.

TAROM prides itself on new routes announced in 2013, but how many of them are really profitable? The degree of loading on many of them is not satisfactory. Below is the press release sent by TAROM!

TAROM ended the year 2013, from a financial point of view, with a reduction of losses of 44% (100 million RON), compared to the year 2012 and with 30% (56 million RON), compared to the figure reported in the budget approved for the year 2013. Also, for the year 2013 the net result, compared to the one estimated in the management plan (-143 mil RON), was better with 9% (13 mil.RON).

The trend of financial-accounting results of TAROM is an upward trend, reflected by the reduction of losses but also by the lack of outstanding debts to suppliers, creditors or to the state budget.

TAROM publicly announces the financial results for the year 2013, audited in accordance with the provisions of OMFP 3055 / 2009, as subsequently amended:

Total income 1.266.419.834 1. 273. 607. 174
Total expenses 1.497.037.354 1. 403. 774. 904
Net result -230.617.520 -130. 167. 730
Net turnover 1.048.339.557 1. 085. 210. 203

Although the global economic context remained pessimistic in the year 2013, through the changes made at the company management level, the financial results for the year 2013 have improved significantly compared to those of the year 2012.

Starting with the 2013 year, TAROM has added 10 destinations departing from Romania: Bucharest-Prague, Cluj-Prague (which will be giving up soon), Bucharest-Geneva, Bucharest Stockholm, Bucharest-Moscow, Iasi – Bologna, Iasi-Milan (Bergamo), Iasi - Turin and Iasi - Tel Aviv.

  1. Master RA says

    My opinion, and not only mine, is that, if the politician would not intervene at all in the Tarom leadership, the results would be even better.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      And my opinion says this through 2012 :).

  2. dave says

    That's right, the political intervention in Tarom only keeps the company in place. There would also be standardization and modernization of the fleet and easy start of long haul races.

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