TAROM has obtained the fourth renewal of the IOSA registration

TAROM has obtained the fourth renewal of its IOSA registration

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IOSA is an internationally recognized and accepted system, designed to evaluate the operational management and control system of an airline. IOSA uses internationally recognized safety standards and recommendations. The program is designed to allow audits to be carried out in an independent, coherent and standardized manner, with a periodicity of 2 years. This year, IATA has issued a renewed TAROM certificate valid until 6 May 2016.

TAROM was first audited in May 2006 and recorded in IOSA at the beginning of the year 2007. The audits are performed by audit organizations accredited by IATA. The audit highlighted the fact that TAROM has established and implemented a solid management system in the field of safety and quality, throughout the organization.

The most recent audit intended to renew the registration, verified compliance with over 900 of Recommended Standards and Practices (ISARPs) by IOSA in 8 operational areas for the company: organization and management, flight operations, operations in the passenger cabin, operational control of flights and dispatch, ground and passenger service operations, cargo operations, security management and technical maintenance of aircraft.

In 2011, IATA has launched an improved IOSA program (E-IOSA) whose basic idea is to integrate the IOSA standards and recommendations (ISARPs) into the operators' internal audit program, so as to achieve a continuity of compliance with them. TAROM has voluntarily accepted the participation in E-IOSA. The TAROM auditors from the Department of Flight and Quality Safety included checking the compliance of ISARPs in the internal audit programs and drafted a Compliance Report, which was sent to the IATA-accredited Audit Organization, with which the IOSA audit of TAROM was contracted.

"Flight safety is our top priority. For a top carrier, such as TAROM, the IOSA renewal reconfirms that our operations are in line with global standards in civil aviation worldwide and shows our continued commitment to safety and quality in all operations and services provided to our customers. The result of the audit is the proof of the dedication of all our employees for the safety of passengers ”, said Mr. Christian Heinzmann, CEO of TAROM.

The IOSA standards are based on ICAO standards and best practices in the aviation industry and are fully available to the public, being posted free of charge on the IOSA website, www.iata.org/iosa . Customers can easily identify if the airline they use for travel is registered with IOSA, on the IATA website.

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