TAROM has obtained the third renewal of the IOSA registration

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TAROM has obtained the third renewal of the IOSA registration at the end of a complex preparation and audit process, which included the entire organization. According to IATA statistics, the safety performance for operators registered in the IOSA register is 52% better than those of unregistered IOSA operators. TAROM is thus among the 381 of airlines around the world, considered the elite group of international airlines dedicated to the safety and quality of operations. We must be proud because TAROM has obtained this status, especially since we are talking about thousands of air operators in the world.

IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) is an internationally recognized program, created to evaluate the operational management and control system of an airline. IOSA uses the principles of an internationally recognized quality audit. The program is designed so that the audits are carried out in an independent, standardized and consistent manner. This year, the International Air Carriers Association (IATA) updated the site hosting the IOSA registry (www.iata.org/registry) with the new expiration date of the certification, which for TAROM is 6 May 2014.

The company TAROM was first audited in May 2006 and certified IOSA at the beginning of the year 2007. The third audit for the renewal of certification verified compliance with over 900 of IOSA recommended standards and practices within 8 company operational areas: organization and management, flight operations, passenger cabin, operations control, ground operations, cargo operations, aviation security and aircraft maintenance.

During this audit, TAROM was part of the pilot project that IATA initiated in the 2011 year, Enhanced IOSA. Under this concept the internal quality system of the operator will include all the standards and practices recommended by IOSA in the annual audits that will be held to ensure the continuous verification of compliance. This initiative will in the future lead to the consolidation of the quality and safety systems of the airlines.

IOSA standards are based on ICAO standards and best practices of the aviation industry and are fully accessible to the public, being available free of charge on the IOSA website, www.iata.org.iosa.

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