TAROM acquires 9 ATR 72-600 aircraft / Operational leasing for 10 years

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During this day, TAROM announced the start of the procurement procedure for 9 ATR 72-600 aircraft. These will be taken over in operational leasing for 10 years.

The ATR 72-600 aircraft are equipped with the most modern navigation equipment. The passenger cabin is upgraded and offers more comfort than the previous model, currently in the TAROM fleet. It also offers more space for passengers' luggage

This is the first European aircraft capable of landing with independent and high precision means of transport, under low visibility conditions (LPV-200).

9 ATR 72-600 aircraft for TAROM

The new ATR 72-600 aircraft for TAROM will have 72 seating capacity. Will be delivered starting with the autumn of 2019 and continuing with the winter season 2019-2020.

'' In the context of the efficiency and optimization process of TAROM Company, the option of renewing the ATR fleet, over 19 years old, is only a first step in a long-term strategy. It is an important moment in the process of modernization and expansion of the fleet, respectively of the network of operated routes. The competitive advantage of TAROM Company is in serving the domestic and regional market, which requires aircraft corresponding to this type of traffic. Thus, we offer our passengers flights to the highest standards of safety, quality and comfort. '' - said Madalina Daniela Mezei - General Manager of TAROM.

We remind you that Mrs. Madalina Daniela Mezei is the new CEO of TAROM. His appointment was made a day ago.

We appreciate the ATR 72-600 aircraft. It is a state-of-the-art model, which has entered the operational service since 2010. Currently, over 1500 of ATR aircraft are in the fleet of over 200 of airlines around the world.

It is an efficient and practical aircraft for short and regional flights. In the Paris Air Show 2019, ATR has released the model NOTHING-NOTHING STOL. This is an aircraft capable of landing and taking off from the 800 meters runway.

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