TAROM advertising campaign: "Where the longing is for you!" (Video)

TAROM announces the launch of the national image campaign: "Wherever you want!"

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TAROM continues to pursue its objectives with the central purpose of revitalizing and making the company more efficient. The new communication campaign TAROM brings to the public attention a company with a current image, deeply connected to the Romanian spirit, but especially connected to the condition of the modern Romanian, understanding its need for mobility.

“For TAROM 2018 it is definitely the year of optimizing the business approach and modernizing the company, and this aspect must be emphasized to our customers, especially at the communication level. The centenary of Romania gives us the responsibility to (re) make TAROM the National Company of which we are all proud.

TAROM advertising campaign

The promotion campaign presents to the public a modern airline, a reliable Romanian partner, who understands the needs of its customers, uniting them, wherever they are, always in the best conditions ”, said Werner Wolff, TAROM General Manager.

"Wherever you miss!"

The communication mix includes, besides the TV campaign, a radio spot as well as outdoor, online and PR campaigns. TAROM wants to link as many partnerships with all those who feel Romanian and wish to contribute positively to the consolidation of the TAROM brand. The campaign debuted on 13 July, with a TV spot of 1 minutes.

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