TAROM announces significant increases in traffic values ​​in April 2022 compared to 2021!

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The aviation industry around the world is still going through a difficult period due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, TAROM is able to survive this period, mainly due to the adjustment of operations, the restructuring of staff and the exploitation of new opportunities in the segment of scheduled flights. But also thanks to some state aid offered in the last two years.

Even if the effects of the pandemic are still being felt, TAROM announces that there is an upward trend in terms of commercial air traffic and a significant increase in its values.

Thus, in April 2022, TAROM carried approximately 160.000 passengers on the scheduled flight segment and 20.000 passengers on the charter flight segment, an increase of over 142% compared to April 2021 - approximately 66.000 passengers carried on the scheduled flight segment.

Centralized TAROM statistics for April 2022 show a significant increase in traffic on the domestic domestic flights segment, with the average aircraft load coefficient for domestic flights being 86%, compared to 70% in April 2021.

The average load of aircraft for external destinations (international flights to / from Romania), in April 2022, was 79%. Even if the current percentage values ​​are gratifying, we mention the fact that TAROM operated a little over 2.000 flights in April 2022, but with a thousand fewer flights than in April 2019 (period without COVID-19).

Moreover, taking into account the increased demand and taking into account this, TAROM made changes to the regular flight schedule by adding new flight frequencies (compared to those scheduled) on the relations Bucharest -> Suceava -> Bucharest, Bucharest -> Iasi -> Bucharest , Bucharest -> Cluj-Napoca -> Bucharest and Bucharest -> Tel Aviv -> Bucharest, and on the segment of TAROM charter flights increased the frequency of flights to / from Hurghada, Egypt, connecting this destination with several airports in Romania.

Regarding the destinations in the schedule of regular flights for which there was no increase, compared to the current general increase, we can highlight the flights Bucharest -> Beirut -> Bucharest and Bucharest -> Vienna -> Bucharest.

Even if the loading coefficient of the aircraft to these destinations was not in line with the collective values, TAROM did not operate flight cancellations for commercial reasons in April this year, both in the segment of regular flights and in the segment of charter flights.

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