TAROM canceled the routes Oradea - Barcelona and Oradea - Milan

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According to information posted by Oradea International Airport, TAROM will cancel the routes Oradea - Barcelona and Oradea - Milan. Reason communicated: lack of passengers. 7 tickets / flight were sold on average, which means very little.

Below you have the 2 releases issued by TAROM and
Oradea International Airport.

We show you the communication from Oradea International Airport:

"In the last weeks, together with the county and municipal authorities, we have initiated numerous actions to promote the first international races offered by TAROM with departure from Oradea.

TAROM gives up the Oradea - Barcelona and Oradea - Milan routes

The prices offered on the route Oradea - Milan (Bergamo) and Oradea - Barcelona (El Prat) are accessible, we can say even good, considering the services offered.

However, from the information we have, the sale of tickets on the two routes remained well below expectations, the average of the tickets sold being around 7 tickets / race.

Following them, the national operator decided to withdraw from the summer schedule of the two races. "

We completely reproduce the communication sent by TAROM to the airport in Oradea:

"We inform you about the decision of the Tarom company not to start operating on the Oradea - Milan (Bergamo) - Oradea and Oradea - Barcelona-Oradea routes during the 2019 summer season, according to the SG909 / 04 Feb 2019 and SG1747 / XNXX Feb Feb.

Therefore, RO411 / 2, Oradea-Milan (Bergamo) - Oradea and RO429 / 30, Oradea - Barcelona - Oradea flights will be withdrawn from all systems as soon as possible. Please take the necessary steps. "

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