TAROM cancels flights to Stuttgart from Sibiu and Timisoara

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As I have already told you on other occasions, TAROM is playing black with the routes. It would not be a problem, considering that most airlines adjust their flight schedules according to the time of year, only that TAROM does this with new routes just launched or not launched.

Last days, I announced that TAROM has suspended reservations on the route Bucharest - Baku. It was due to open on 3 April 2019. Unfortunately for those interested, the route is no longer in the TAROM reservation system.

But they don't stop here. Today, Octavian Barbur found that several routes have disappeared from the system. We talk about the routes here:

  • Sibiu - Stuttgart (since February 22)
  • Sibiu - Munich (since March 29)
  • Timisoara - Stuttgart (since February 22)
  • Timisoara - Chisinau

These routes were launched in 2018, some after several delays, others on the set date.

Where is the TAROM strategy?

Now, looking at the evolution of airlines in Europe, I noticed that routes are launched based on well-defined strategies. And usually a long time in advance to be promoted, to form a minimum start-up market, etc.

And also from the experiences of European airlines, I noticed that they do not venture into launching routes on the idea: "it can go". Behind each route there is a market study, discussions are held with the authorities to identify the potential client, etc. We work closely with the tourism partners. Not to mention the push made in the marketing campaign. And the plan is to fly at least one season (summer or winter).

Or at TAROM I do not see this strategy, I do not see a coherent marketing campaign for a new destination, I do not see continuity. And then, of course, others are guilty of TAROM failures.

In conclusion, I can say that all the momentum in 2018 was lost on the road and all the effervescence of last year is gone. I still hope to see a coherent, consistent and effective recovery program for TAROM.

  1. Aurelian says

    Unfortunately, the flights to / from Sibiu were extraordinary.

  2. alunelu says

    How it turned out: "discussions with the authorities"

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      I corrected: D. Thanks!

  3. Ileana says

    I bought Sibiu-Stuttgart air tickets on 24 in January, for the beginning of May. Yesterday I found out, by mistake, that this race was canceled. The telephone dialogue with the client from the client was amazing. Very clear, he told me that I will receive in March (which also means March 31) an email in which I will be officially announced that the race has been canceled and I will then have to make a request to the tarom to return my money. I asked if there are no alternative routes and I was told no, because the tarom no longer lands on Stuttgart and does not cooperate with other airlines. I asked if it was unwise to send the email when it was decided to cancel the race and I was told that there is more time until May. I still can't believe it, it seems hallucinating to me. I mean I keep my money locked, intentionally, for 2 months, I am not offered the alternative, I am not announced in advance to be able to buy other tickets to other airlines, as the prices increase per day (for example, the same the route and the same data, at blueair company had a price double yesterday than the one we paid at tarom).
    A similar case happened to my brother, who had tickets to wizzair. The race was canceled, but they were announced as soon as the decision was made (with 5 months before the actual flight) and they received 3 variants: money, credit in account + 20% or another flight during the same period, it is right as in another country. Which I think is common sense.
    Shame tarom! with small intent.

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