TAROM is looking for a GSA in India

There are rumors in the market about a possible TAROM flight to India. At the end of May, the Minister of Transport launched the idea of ​​a Bucharest - New Delhi route.

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Yes, the title is very interesting. Is this the step towards a direct route to India? By the end of May, The Minister of Transport launched the idea of ​​the route Bucharest - New Delhi, which could be operated by TAROM with Boeing 737-800NG aircraft.

Theoretically, the new 737-800NG aircraft would have autonomy to fly to India, but the route approved in the functions of the airspaces transited is very important. We remind you that a Boeing 737-800NB can fly up to 5400 kilometers.

TAROM is looking for General Sales Agent in India

Returning to Tilom, TAROM is looking for a GSA in India. Specifically, a General Sales Agent (GSA) representing TAROM on the Indian market. The list of tasks is long, but among the tasks desired by TAROM, we also found the key point: "Promotion and sale of air transport documents on TAROM flights". Is it the direct flights between Romania and India?

Below you will find a list of all GSA tasks in India.

- Representation of TAROM Company on India market;

- Promoting and selling air transport documents on TAROM flights;

- Ensuring an adequate space in the offices of the allocated supplier exclusively for the activities performed for the benefit of TAROM Company;

- Reservation of seats for passengers and related activities;

- Selection and appointment of subagents in India. GSA will be directly responsible for the activity performed by these subagents regarding the sale of transport documents, for the settlement of their equivalent value and for the application by the subagents of the rules regarding tariffs and IATA Resolutions;

- Supervision and training of its own staff and of the agents accredited on the territory of GSA as well as the settlement of the sales made on the stock of transport documents of the TAROM Company;

- Distribution and display of the TAROM flight schedule as well as of the advertising materials provided by TAROM Company;

- Organizing the promotion of TAROM Company's products, according to a plan and a promotion budget agreed by the parties, with the expenses borne by GSA;

- Taking any measures to increase the reputation of TAROM Company on the territory of GSA in relations with government authorities, official and unofficial organizations, the press, the public and any other persons;

- Transmission to the quarterly TAROM Company and / or upon request of an activity report, market conditions, statistics as well as local regulations applicable to the activities provided in the GSA contract;

- Completion and transmission in accordance with the legal terms of the documents mentioned in the local, international regulations and in those applicable on the market of TAROM Company. Upon request, GSA will make available to TAROM Company any additional documents required;

- Representation and assistance of TAROM Company, upon request, in its relationship with government authorities, other local authorities, officials, offices and agencies including IATA agencies, which activate or control the territory of GSA. Those mentioned in this paragraph refer also to the representation and assistance in case of airport operations, obtaining overflight and landing authorizations, airport slots, transmission of documents to the aeronautical authorities, etc .;

- Activation as the main interface of TAROM in relation to BSP India, with reference to all administrative aspects related to this TAROM in BSP India (eg TAROM's relationship with IATA agencies, including, if necessary, the signing of Airline Agency Agreements with IATA agencies requesting the “Ticketing Authority”);

- Allocation of the “Ticketing Authority” to the IATA agents designated by TAROM in BSP India;

- Issuance and / or re-issuance of TAROM transport documents in all its offices, including at the airport (if any), respectively: plane tickets for passenger transport, excess baggage, EMDs and any other document related to air transport. In case these documents have been issued incorrectly or are missing, as a result of the GSA's inability to provide the necessary information, the GSA will be responsible for covering the entire damage;

- Keeping statistics and records related to documents received, sold and accounted for;

- Payment of invoices on behalf of TAROM at the request and with the authorization received from the TAROM Financial Department.

Details about Direct acquisition - GSA India

Offers should be submitted by October 22 2018. The GSA with the lowest level of the commission requested will be chosen, subject to all conditions. We look forward to the next strategic moves of TAROM.

Thank you, Octavian Barbur for the tip!

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