TAROM charter flights departing from Bucharest to Madrid and Barcelona

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Update May 21, 2020: Embassy of Romania in Spain / Embassy of Romania in Spain - 📣 Following the announcement of the Romanian authorities on the evening of May 14 this year regarding the extension of the suspension of flights between Romania and Spain by another 14 days, the Romanian Embassy in the Kingdom of Spain requested the organization of charter flights to respond to requests for assistance from Romanian citizens Spain, you are in special situations.

👇 We specify that, following the steps, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Internal Affairs have planned 5 charter flights from Bucharest to Spain, operated by Tarom company, with the following coordinates:

TAROM charter flights

➡️ Thursday, May 21, Bucharest-Madrid-Bucharest
➡️ Thursday, May 21, Bucharest-Barcelona-Bucharest
➡️ Friday, May 22, Bucharest-Malaga-Bucharest
➡️ Sunday, May 24, Bucharest-Madrid-Bucharest
➡️ Sunday, May 24, Bucharest-Barcelona-Bucharest

In view of the short notification period regarding the operation of the flights on May 21, 2020, the Romanian diplomatic mission and consular offices in Spain contacted the persons who had notified since the beginning of the health crisis the impossibility of continuing their stay in Spain targeted social cases and persons who were temporarily in Spain). Thus, the two races that will be operated tomorrow, May 21 this year, have reached their maximum occupancy.

‼ ️ ✈️ We inform all those in special situations and who want to get to Romania, that they have the opportunity to book their flights and purchase tickets for the flights from May 22 and 24 at the TAROM Call Center, phone number +4021.303.44.00.

Initial news May 20: Tonight, May 20, 2020, TAROM announced the operation of two charter flights. One on the route Bucharest - Barcelona and one on the route Bucharest - Madrid. Flights are scheduled for May 21, 2020. I mean for tomorrow.

The scheduled time to leave Bucharest is 14.40 (Madrid)or 14.55 (Barcelona). We are talking about local time in Romania.

For reservations, please call the TAROM Call Center, 0213034400.
Restrictions on entry into Spain require that flights be available only to Spanish citizens and Romanian citizens with valid residence.

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