TAROM, with the ATRs under control

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The TAROM team together with the Minister of Transport, Sorin Buşe, had a meeting with the representatives of the ATR manufacturing company, from which the national company operates 9 aircraft.



During the meeting with the ATR representative, some working directions were agreed to support the long-term development of the maintenance and repair activity and the return of the flight schedule.

TAROM continues the series of measures to make the activity more efficient and increase the flight operability

The measures discussed at the meeting:

- ATR will send two technicians to provide extensive assistance to TAROM in the evaluation of maintenance activity - working procedures, working model and operation;
- Analysis and restructuring of the minimum stock, as well as the evaluation of the pool contract for the supply of spare parts so that the downtime of the aircraft is as short as possible;
- TAROM will send to the manufacturer a summary of the technical problems encountered in the current operation for analysis;
- At the same time, ATR has expressed its interest to participate in the selection that TAROM wants to make for the chartering of aircraft under drylease conditions. The manufacturer will soon submit an offer to rent two new generation aircraft, of the type ATR 72-600.

TAROM Company intends to hold bilateral discussions of this nature with representatives of all aircraft manufacturing companies.

“We have decided, with the support of the Minister of Transport, that it is time to take action on all plans to strengthen the confidence of our passengers in the services provided by TAROM.

Rigor in terms of flight safety and passenger comfort remains a priority, and our plan is to improve the passenger experience on board our aircraft as soon as possible, ”he said. Dan Plaveti, General Manager of TAROM.

The management of the TAROM Company and the representatives of the Ministry of Transport continue the measures that have as objective the increase of the operative, the efficiency of the activity, the diminution of the times of immobilization of the aircrafts on the ground and the elimination of the delays in the flight program.

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