TAROM dedicates the day of September 13 in memory of Aurel Vlaicu

TAROM dedicates the day of September 13 in memory of Aurel Vlaicu

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TAROM dedicates the day of 13 September in memory of Aurel Vlaicu - the pioneer of Romanian aviation, the one who tried, on the date of 13 September 1913, to cross the Carpathian Mountains with his plane, said Christian Heinzmann, executive director - accountable manager TAROM, in the preamble to the Conference 'Aviation Day in Eastern Europe', which will take place on Friday, in Bucharest.


“The 13 day of September has a special significance for the Romanian aviation, commemorating the 100 years since the attempt of a Romanian aviation pioneer, Aurel Vlaicu, to cross the Carpathian Mountains with his plane, Vlaicu II. TAROM company is honored to dedicate this day to Aurel Vlaicu's memory ”,

Christian Heinzmann said.

"Aviation Day in Eastern Europe" will bring together 150 representatives from the field, who will analyze the problems and ways of growing the aviation sector in this region. The conference will be opened by the Director General of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Tony Tyler, and leaders of the Eastern European aviation industry will be present at the talks.

According to the organizers, the event will focus on identifying key potential areas in the Eastern European region, given that innovation and standardization will be crucial components for the growth of the aviation sector.

The main topics discussed will seek to solve market difficulties through regional cooperation, dynamic growth of the aviation sector, but also environmental issues, innovation measures for a more efficient transport infrastructure, reorganization of air distribution - new distribution capacities and initiatives and principles regarding regulations regarding passenger rights.

The event is expected to represent the airlines, air navigation service providers, regional organizations, airports, government agencies, global distribution system providers, tour companies and tourism agents in the region, according to AGERPRES.

At the 100 anniversary of the Romanian aviation pioneer, Aurel Vlaicu, collapsed in Banesti, a series of events will be held at the monument erected in the prahovean town, including an air show and flower launches from the air.

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