TAROM extended its contract with SkyTeam on 14 in November

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According to statements made by CEO Werner Wilhelm Wolff for ATW, TAROM extended the contract with the SkyTeam alliance.

Despite rumors in the Romanian press, TAROM wants to make the most of its partnerships, and the partnership with SkyTeam plays an important role in the evolution of the airline.

TAROM has signed with SkyTeam

At the same time, Werner Wilhelm Wolff confirmed that he intends to modernize the fleet. In addition to the order signed for the 5 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, TAROM wants to replace the 9 ATR and 4 Boeing 737-300 aircraft.

We remind you that TAROM has also announced new routes to Tbilisi [Georgia], Odessa [Ukraine], Yerevan [Armenia] and Baku [Azerbaijan].

The plan is for the TAROM operator to make a profit, but Werner Wilhelm Wolff cannot estimate when it will be added. There are many external factors that cannot be controlled by TAROM. An example is the price of fuel, which plays an important role in the evolution of an airline.

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