TAROM fleet, where?

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Since I launched this project, that is for 4 years, the topics about the fleet TAROM they do not stop appearing, year after year. Since 2012, there has been a lot of discussion about giving up certain aircraft, standardizing the fleet, renting or buying new planes. The problem is that time has passed, and the TAROM fleet has remained about the same, consisting of 23 aircraft from 3 manufacturers: ATR (7 x ATR 42-500; 2 x ATR 72-500); Boeing (4 x 737-300 and 4 x 737-700); Airbus (2 x A310 and 4 x A318). The only notable event is the departure of the aircraft Boeing 737-800.

The brightest topic on the fleet concerns aircraft Airbus A310, a non-profit deal concluded through 1992. The company's intention to abandon them dates back to 2004, but nothing has materialized. In 2013, he had come back to this sensitive subject when TAROM intended to drop Airbus A310 aircraft. Then, through 2014, we discuss uniformization of the TAROM fleet and the acquisition of new and cheaper aircraft.


Reference was made to the A330 type leasing for long-courier and A320 for short / medium-courier. Consideration was also being given to replacing ATR 42 aircraft with the new 72-600. Through 2014-2015, the idea that TAROM could rent Dreamliner aircraft from LOT is being conveyed. And time passed, and the Dreamliner didn't come.

Here we are in 2016, and the beginning of the year comes with new (or old) news about the operator's intention TAROM to make a move to the fleet. Digi24 talked to Christian Heinzmann, general manager of TAROM, who has resumed the same ideas that have been heard more and more frequently in recent years.

It is certain that TAROM will retire the 2 Airbus A310 aircraft, most likely at the end of October 2016, and the decisions on the fleet must be made as soon as possible. The two A310 require maintenance work of approximately 6 million EUR / aircraft and we do not believe that TAROM will pay these amounts anymore, according to forum.fly-ra.com/.

CAREFUL to the statement made by Mr. Dan Costescu, the Minister of Transport: "I do not want to just propose to renew the fleet, I have to establish a commercial strategy, which I want to fly with TAROM, not that I want new planes and then I think about where I fly with them. How we got on with these Airbus A310 and then we realized that they are not suitable for the long routes for which we have taken them ”.

We look forward to the realization of these ideas, however, that something will happen. We are also waiting for the TAROM strategy, which is expected. Year 2016 brings new routes, frequency increases, but are they reliable? We got to recycle old ideas, but where are the results? TAROM fleet, where?

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