Is TAROM abandoning the Bucharest - London Heathrow route? TAROM gave up Barcelona and Vienna!

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Update: A TAROM official mentions that this information is false. We are glad that it is so and that the rumors are not true. But it remains to be seen what will happen after November 25, 2022.


Initial news: At the moment there are rumors announcing that TAROM will abandon the Bucharest - London Heathrow route, and the slots at London Heathrow International Airport will be leased. According to some information obtained from sources, TAROM would have rented the slots at London Heathrow for three years with the amount of 4 million EURO/year. But other rumors say that these slots will actually be sold, which would confirm the fact that TAROM is abandoning the Bucharest - London Heathrow route, a connection with decades of tradition.

At the moment, in the TAROM reservation system there is the only daily flight on the Bucharest - London Heathrow route, the lunch one, which does not seem to be extremely efficient according to some. TAROM always had a slot at Heathrow, but there were periods when they also had 2 daily flights. People look for morning and evening flights because such flights are good for connecting to other distant destinations. Unfortunately, TAROM is not heading in a favorable direction.

TAROM is going through a turbulent time and has already canceled flights to Barcelona and Vienna. It is not excluded that TAROM will give up other important routes in the network, which will have a negative effect on the company and the operating system. It is true that TAROM needs restructuring and a recovery plan, but the actions taken so far are unprecedented and do not guarantee the company's sustainability.

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