TAROM is preparing for a rebranding? Looking for the creator of future TAROM pilots and stewardess uniforms (video)

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TAROM is undergoing an extensive transformation process. Summer season is approaching and new ones have already been announced changes in the TAROM operational program, but there are also discussions about fleet efficiency. In the press, all kinds of statements appeared, some quite unfortunate even from some politicians, but some interesting things were said.

It is desired removing Airbus A310 aircraft from the TAROM fleet. Much of TAROM's losses are due to the two long-haul aircraft. Then came statements announcing the intention to buy Mitsubishi planes. But there is still a long way to go.

But until the big transformations, TAROM wants to create new uniforms for aircrew, pilots and flight attendants, and announces a competition dedicated to all designers interested in being the authors of the new models of uniforms.

Designers wishing to participate can submit drawings by 20 March 2013 at the latest, with the attention of Dana Ducaru, project manager, at [email protected] Also from the project manager I can obtain the company's identity manual, in order to become familiar with the values ​​that define the TAROM brand, although its full respect is not a mandatory condition for the project to be chosen as a winner, candidates having complete freedom of creation. For more information visit the TAROM website!

It is an interesting step that TAROM is silent and I am curious what uniforms the pilots and stewardesses will have after this contest!

Something like that?:)

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