TAROM in Bucharest: canceled routes, modified frequencies

TAROM has given up flights to Bucharest - Dubai and Bucharest - Geneva!

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After I introduced you the situation of the TAROM base in IAII, we come with details and about the changes made at the base in Bucharest.

TAROM in Bucharest

In the 2016/2017 winter season, TAROM gave up several routes, including Bucharest - Dubai, Bucharest - Geneva and Bucharest - Amman!

Taking a look at the booking engine, we find that the route Bucharest - Amman will be resumed starting with March 29 2017. For starters, 3 weekly flights will be operated, on Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays. Starting in July, the number of Bucharest - Amman flights will increase to 4 per week, with one flight being introduced on Mondays as well.

From 26 March to 2017, the route will be resumed Bucharest - Nice, France. The first flight will be operated on 26 in March. To begin with, there will be 2 weekly flights, followed by July 2017 frequency to increase to 3 weekly flights.

About Routes Bucharest - Dubai and Bucharest - Geneva, the information is not positive. At this time, the 2 destinations are no longer loaded in the reservation system and do not appear in the 2017 summer schedule.

Instead, Cristi observed frequency increases on the routes: Bucharest - Madrid (from 7 to 11 weekly flights); Bucharest - Barcelona (from 7 to 11 weekly flights); Bucharest - Tel Aviv (from 9 to 10 weekly flights); Bucharest - Stockholm (from 3 to 6 weekly flights).

We will follow the evolution of TAROM in the 2017 summer season and we will come back with details!

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