TAROM does not have airplanes for all scheduled flights from IAII

The TAROM fleet is oversized for the 2017 summer schedule!

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According to a press release, TAROM announces that the current fleet does not allow it to operate all routes and all flights from its base in Iasi. This led to a decrease in activity and to elimination of routes from the system, which we have already announced.

In the summer schedule of 2017, TAROM gives up the routes: Iași-Rome, Iași-Bologna, Iași - Madrid and Iași - Munich.

TAROM clarifies the situation at IAII

We remind you that last autumn, the two A310 aircraft were withdrawn from the TAROM fleet as a result of the decision of the Company's management at that time. The first aircraft - YR-LCB - was retired on September 12and the second aircraft - YR-LCA - was withdrawn from commercial service on October 29, 2016.

Subsequent efforts to replace them could not be completed in time for the operation of the summer program 2017, a program that initially envisaged the full operation of the external routes from Iasi.

According to the release issued by TAROM, the routes will be resumed when the operational fleet allows them to do so.

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  1. George says

    The company has known for a long time that it plans to stop the two 310, but the problem does not lie precisely in these two devices, but in the poor management of the company in the dialogue with the Romanian state, which is not interested in this topic. If the company and the Ministry of Transport had the interest of developing the company, with all the forecasts, I think they would have made some orders to Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, etc., and today there was no need to stop the flights from Iasi. I am interested in the flight from Munich, which for us was a very good direct connection with Iasi. If Tarom has no interest, I hope with all my heart that Lufthansa will expand to Iasi. It would be the only city that Lufthansa has not yet covered in Romania.

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