TAROM leases 13 regional jet aircraft (Update)

TAROM has posted on its website an announcement that it wants to lease 2 regional jet aircraft. They must be able to carry between 70 and 120 passengers.

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Update 3 July 2018: TAROM came with an error in the initial announcement. And look at that, from 2 regional jet aircraft to maximum 13 (thirteen aircraft) "regional jet" aircraft. In other words, TAROM wants a solid fleet for short and regional flights. If the plan is fully implemented, the ATRs will no longer have their place in the TAROM fleet and will most likely be withdrawn.

A very interesting 2018 is announced for TAROM. We will come back with details.

Initial news 1 July 2018: At TAROM things happen, something moves. From 2017, I see interesting movements at the national carrier of Romania. He also retired managed to sell the 2 Airbus A310 aircraft. Has rented 4 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, 2 of them being configured in low-cost mode, the others 2 being configured in 2 classes. Thus, the average age of the fleet has dropped considerably.

However, TAROM has also announced a number of new routes, some domestic, some regional. We mention here the internal routes Constanța - Satu Mare and Bucharest - Sibiu. And externally, the Cluj-Napoca - Paris routes will be launched; Timisoara - Stuttgart. From autumn, there are great chances to see TAROM flights to Baku, Odessa, Tbilisi, Yerevan.

And, as can be seen from the announcement posted on the official site, TAROM wants to increase its fleet with 2 regional jet aircraft. They must be able to carry between 70 and 120 passengers, and the flight range must be at least 2600 kilometers. TAROM seeks aircraft in accordance with EASA standards.

2 regional jet aircraft

Taking a look at commercial aircraft on the market, the closest to TAROM requirements are the Embraer E190 and the Bombardier CRJ900 family. However, most likely 2 Embraer E190 / E195 will be rented.

I flew this type of plane and I liked it. The Embraer E190 is comfortable, quiet, with a range of up to 4500 kilometers. It could cover any route in the TAROM network and even facilitate the opening of new routes, such as Bucharest - Dubai. At the same time, the new aircraft could operate direct charter flights.

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