Does TAROM, specifically the Government of Romania, intend to take over Blue Air?

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Lately, Blue Air and TAROM have been getting closer to the commercial level. They have concluded reciprocity operational agreements, even codeshare agreements.

And today, Vitalie Cojocari from Pro TV has released on Facebook an information that the Romanian Government intends to take over Blue Air.

Does TAROM take over Blue Air?

Vitalie Cojocari: We interrupt the debates on Facebook for information about Romanian aviation!

Tarom, but especially the Government of Romania, is analyzing the acquisition of Blue Air. In this regard, a normative act has been prepared, which is still secret.

The information was provided to me by a source close to the government discussions.

If this decision were taken, the national airline would have a Low Cost division, following the model of the largest European airlines.

For now, things are at the stage of plans lying on paper. The decision is far from being taken.

Meanwhile, Blue Air is getting closer and closer to Tarom.

Blue Air announced just a few moments ago in a statement that it has signed a new agreement with TAROM.

Based on this, it expands its operational network and presence in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

That being said, it is to be expected what will happen in the near future in commercial aviation in Romania. Will TAROM succeed in taking over Blue Air? Is it an iteration with good thoughts or just another way to "annihilate" the competition?

We must point out that Blue Air is no longer just a simple low-cost carrier, but more a smart company. In our opinion, Blue Air could take over TAROM to develop the premium division.

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