TAROM maintains the free carriage of hold baggage

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TAROM is starting to surprise me more and more with the way it communicates. I appreciate the fact that they have begun to publicize the services they practice and to bring out those that matter a lot to the passengers. This time we talk about cabin and hold luggage.

As more and more airline operators have announced their intention to charge hold luggage, TAROM announces that it will maintain their free transport facility. Below is information on the free luggage that you can carry with TAROM:

• Economy Class passengers can carry a free piece weighing up to 23 kg in the fare of the plane;
• Business Class passengers can carry free 3 luggage, each weighing up to 23 kg in the fare;
• Frequent Flyer SkyTeam Elite / Elite Plus members can carry free 2 luggage of maximum 23 kg for Economy class and 4 luggage of maximum 23 kg for Business class;
• Add to the luggage carried in the hold a hand luggage weighing up to 10 kg which can be carried in the cabin.

TAROM is the only airline in Romania that accepts free luggage transport of considerable weight, TAROM's luggage policy being one of the most permissive in Europe and we do not exaggerate at all. Also in the price of the plane tickets are the catering services. TAROM is a full-service line operator.

Recall that the air operator KLM introduced the tax on hold luggage, in certain situations. With regard to low-cost operators, hold luggage is charged.

  1. Self says

    I went to the KLM site and saw that the luggage would be charged starting with 14 May. Will the starting date (22 April) be postponed?

  2. Sorin Rusi says

    I check and tell you. They did not announce anything about this decision. But keep in mind: "Flying Blue loyalty program members do not pay this fee (registration is free)."

  3. Self says

    I counted Flying Blue. Does the baggage fee exemption apply when you make a ticket reservation on their site, being logged in with your user, or when you check in online?

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