TAROM offers 15% discount to Malev passengers

TAROM offers 15% discount to Malev passengers

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Malev passengers holding unused, unrestricted or partially used tickets, issued before 3 February 2012, receive 15% discount from the fare applicable for TAROM flights. The origin and destination of the TAROM trip must be found in the Malev ticket itinerary.

An additional feature offered by TAROM to Malev passengers is that they can change Budapest from their TAROM ticket to another TAROM destination in Transylvania: Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Satu-Mare, Târgu Mureş, Oradea, Baia Mare .

“Following the cessation of operating the Malev flights, we decided to support the passengers who had bought tickets and offer them a reduction in the tariffs applied to TAROM tickets. In this way, we try to adapt to the needs of the passengers and to strengthen the connection traffic ”

, said Rodica Cazanciuc, commercial director of TAROM

Passengers are asked to contact the company, for information on the status of their flights, at the Call Center TAROM phone numbers: 9361 (valid for calls from Bucharest): 004; 004 021.303.44.00 and 004 021.303.44.44

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