TAROM offers free transport of winter sports equipment

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For winter sports lovers, TAROM offers free transportation for one baggage surplus of 23 kilograms, representing ski and snowboard equipment, for passengers traveling between Romania or Moldova (Chisinau) and Vienna, Lyon, Munich and Sofia.

The 23 kilograms of sports equipment transported free of charge is thus added to the 23 kilograms whose transport is provided by TAROM to each passenger traveling to the economy class, without additional charges. This facility is granted for trips made during the winter season, between 28 October 2012 and 31 March 2013. The winter sports equipment consists of: a pair of skis, a pair of skis and a pair of sticks or a snowboard and a pair of skis.

The free acceptance of these sports equipment will be made within the capacity available, depending on the type of aircraft.

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