[TAROM Offer] Bucharest - IAȘI - Bucharest from 37 EURO

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Since joining Blue Air on domestic flights in Romania, it seems that aviation has revolutionized. We got to fly at acceptable prices and even lower than the train, bus etc. At the same time, TAROM took the lead and lowered the tariffs. The market is regulated by demand and supply, but also by the number of existing competitors.


Bucharest - IAȘI - Bucharest from 37 EURO

And because these days I still write about Offers, promotions and attractive low rates on air tickets, I couldn't miss the national air carrier.

Bucharest - IAȘI - Bucharest from 37 EURO / 165 lei, round trip fare, all taxes included, all services.




The price is valid for November and December 2016, but also for the months in 2017. Some flights are operated with Boeing 737-300, others with ATR 42 / 72. The number of seats at this price is limited for each flight, so do not hesitate and buy. And from what we observe, it is not a promotion, but the minimum fare charged by TAROM on this route.

Clear sky!

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