TAROM offers free transportation of sports equipment during winter time 2013 / 2014

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TAROM offers free transportation of excess baggage of 23 kilograms, representing ski and snowboard equipment, for passengers traveling between Romania or Moldova (Chisinau) and Vienna, London, Nice, Munich, Sofia, Turin and Bologna. The transport of sports equipment is offered in addition to the standard baggage standard accepted free of charge.

free sports equipment tarom

This facility is granted for trips made during the winter season, between 27 October 2013 and 29 March 2014. Winter sports equipment consists of: a pair of skis, a pair of skis and a pair of sticks or a snowboard and a pair of skis.

The free acceptance of these sports equipment will be made within the capacity available, depending on the type of aircraft.

“TAROM has started a sustained process of adapting its product to the needs of seasonal traffic segments since the last years. Through free sports equipment, we want to bring more comfort to those who spend their holidays dedicated to winter sports. TAROM also supports the growth of tourism in Romania, which has become a popular destination for winter sports. The fact that in July 2013, TAROM exceeded for the first time the threshold of 200.000 of passengers transported on regular, domestic and international flights, honors us and obliges us to exceed our standards by permanently improving the services offered to our passengers ”

, said Chriastian Heinzmann, TAROM's Executive Director and Accountable Manager.

TAROM reminds passengers that the price of the airline ticket includes many advantages, such as hot meals and beverages on board, free luggage transport, operation at the main airports, free check-in. As far as luggage is concerned, Economy Class passengers can carry a hold baggage within the limit of 23 of kg, and passengers of the Business Class have included in the price of the maximum ticket 3 luggage of 23 of kg. In addition, all passengers can carry free luggage of up to 10 kg free of charge.

  1. Master RA says

    Very good ! Lately, in Tarom, some good decisions have been made. It is interesting that Chisnaul is included in this offer. In Moldova there are many who go to heaven in Austria, or Italy.

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