TAROM operates a new sustainable flight on May 8, 2022, on the route Bucharest - Amsterdam!

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Even if aviation is responsible for only 2-3% of total CO emissions2, it is essential to be aware that our every action is important for the protection of the environment.

Aviation experts are concerned about taking measures to reduce emissions. TAROM, since 2009, implements such optimization procedures, such as: Continuous Descent Approach Procedure (continuous descent from cruising altitude, avoiding additional fuel consumption), Single Engine Taxi Procedure (running on only one engine), Winglet system (wing optimization to reduce aircraft forward resistance), braking systems of composite material, or, more recently, OptiClimb system (use of artificial intelligence as a solution in optimizing consumption during the flight boarding stage).

TAROM is currently working with its partners in the SkyTeam Alliance to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible by taking measures to protect the environment, thus addressing a challenge related to the organization and operation of a sustainable flight, on May 8, 2022, on one of the regular flights it operates, Bucharest - Amsterdam.

Thus, the passengers of the RO361 flight will be the protagonists of the event, together with all the TAROM operational staff involved in this project.

In order for this flight to be sustainable, a series of procedures will be used to reduce carbon emissions, in conjunction with complementary actions by TAROM partners who are part of the project.

Under the motto "We think green to keep the sky blue", we want you to be aware of all the efforts we make to preserve much better the natural resources for both us and future generations. mentions TAROM in a statement. "Let's prove to everyone that the time for reflection has passed and the time has come for action!"

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