Can TAROM be fully privatized?

Can TAROM be fully privatized?

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A statement by the new Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Ovidiu Silaghi, is making a noise in the Romanian press. He thinks he should totally sell the state-owned airline - TAROM!

According to the Memorandum of Understanding concluded between the Government of Romania and the International Monetary Fund at the visit from January 25 - February 6, CFR Marfă will complete the privatization process until October, and TAROM will be released this month, following the privatization to end in June 2012.

From my point of view, the idea is good. I'm not a nationalist, but I would love for TAROM to remain an operational airline. It is more difficult to work with the state in this period of crisis, and any investment must be well aligned with the budget. I tend to believe that an investor in the field could make TAROM a profitable company.

In the EU only Finland and Portugal have significant stakes in state-owned airlines.

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