TAROM 4 place in "APG Worldwide Airline Reward for Distribution"

TAROM was awarded the 4 place in the "APG Worldwide Airline Reward for Distribution", the 6 edition

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Annually, APG Network organizes the "APG World Connect" Conference, which is attended by top executives of airlines, travel agencies, as well as major players in the air transport industry. The main objective of the Conference is to present and discuss developments, tools and ways to improve sales and product distribution.

This year, the theme of the Conference, which enjoyed the participation of 200 from airlines around the world, was "Air Transport Industry - 2020 Vision". The central point of the event was the industry nominations for the airline with the best product distribution services. In this competition, TAROM was nominated for the 4 place in the world, after Emirates, Lufthansa and Air France.

The winning airlines were nominated following the electronic vote, carried out during three months, in which the whole world community of travel agencies was invited to participate.

"I would like to thank TAROM on behalf of both the organizers and all those who nominated the company TAROM, for the honor they have given us by awarding us this award. For us, the fact that we are among the best in the world in this category, means the crowning of our work, it means an honor and a responsibility of a work that we want to continue at least at the same level as before.", Said Christian Heinzmann, TAROM General Manager.

APG (Airline Promotion Group) Network is a global organization made up of experts from all over the world with outstanding experience in the marketing and distribution of air passenger transport. APG Network has been operating for more than two decades, currently having relationships with over 200 of airlines, through those over 110 offices around the world. In Romania, APG is represented by Regional Air Support from 1999.

"On behalf of the organizers, APG Romania (Regional Air Support) is honored to award the TAROM Company distinction." Mr. Dorin Ivascu - President of APG Romania states that “this distinction is first of all the fruit of the active appreciation by the travel agencies in Romania and in Europe, which thanks them for their involvement. Here is the results of the involvement of the industry".

On 18 September 2014 The National Romanian Air Transport Company has celebrated 60 years of existence. During the six decades, passion for flight and caring for passengers were the defining factors in the continuous process of improving services.

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