TAROM puts up for sale 14 of the 29 owned aircraft

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TAROM is selling half of its fleet, as part of the company's restructuring plan. According to a document published by Antena 3, TAROM wants to sell the 4 Airbus A318 aircraft, 4 Boeing 737-300 aircraft, 4 Boeing 737-700 aircraft and 2 ATR 42-500 aircraft. The price of aircraft put up for sale varies from EUR 1.5 million to approximately EUR 14 million.

TAROM aircraft put up for sale

  • Four Airbus A318-111: YR-ASA, YR-ASB, YR-ASC, YR-ASD
  • Four Boeing 737-300: YR-BGA, YR-BGB, YR-BGD, YR-BGE
  • Four Boeing 737-700: YR-BGF, YR-BGG, YR-BGH, YR-BGI
  • Two ATR 42-500: YR-ATC, YR-ATF

TAROM remains with 15 planes, but according to the statement made by the Minister of Transport, Cătălin Drulă, it is desired to modernize and standardize the fleet. Below is the list of all the aircraft in the TAROM fleet.

  • Five ATR 42-500
  • Four Boeing 737-800s in two different configurations
  • Four ATR 72-600
  • Two ATR 72-500

If we believe Mr. Drula's statement, TAROM will eliminate from the fleet some of the aircraft mentioned above, the purpose being to keep only the 737-800 and ATR 72-600 models.

If the whole restructuring process is successfully completed, TAROM will have a simplified fleet in accordance with the planned restructuring process. TAROM's future fleet will consist only of Boeing (737-800 / MAX) and ATR (72-600) aircraft.

Tarom's restructuring began in February. The company was left with 4 foreign agencies (Paris, London, Brussels and Chisinau) for ticket sales. The services offered by the respective agencies will be taken over by the internal structures of TAROM and online, informs Antena 3 based on the statements made by the Minister of Transport, Cătălin Drulă.

As for Tarom employees, 185 employees have chosen to leave the company, and they will receive 7 compensatory salaries. At the same time, the company informed that a series of dismissals will follow: 500 employees will be fired until the autumn.

Considering that TAROM has not registered a profit for over 10 years, the company's situation is dramatic. It cannot receive state aid either, and the restructuring and optimization plan would be the only measure to be implemented to bring the company back to the waterline. We will follow the evolution of this restructuring process and we hope to return with positive news.

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